Wow, I am on a roll..

Reading and writing are such intermingled activities. Even when you aren’t putting things on paper per se, you are debating, reiterating and extrapolating ideas you have read about. And maybe that is the ultimate sci-fi plot- in the future you’ll be able to read books directly off of the writer’s brain by telepathy! I am still thinking of ways you’d read a book posthumously (apart from pickling authors’ brains) but meanwhile the idea’s out there for you guys to mull about.

Lately, I have been having trouble concentrating on reading books I typically would have devoured in hours. At first I attributed it to a ‘been there, done that’ syndrome. All mysteries had become obvious, all endings ‘blah’ and all non-fiction was now impossible to get through. And then the syndrome rolled over on to books by my favorite authors and suddenly I knew. I had developed a serious attention deficit disorder when it came to reading. My mind flickered between wanting to read, then an unconscious lament that I was no longer writing,and finally to wondering if there were any updates on the numerous social media I am subscribed to.

I was suddenly afraid! At this rate, my brain would wither and die. I would not learn anything new. My information on a lot of subjects is checkered, incomplete (extremely incomplete considering most information is already incomplete). How then am I supposed to engage in meaningful discussions, write comprehensible prose or even understand new information? As it turns out, according to this discussion, my brain maybe going through what is called ‘bi-literacy’. I have become so used to the constant barrage of information electronic media provides me with, that I no longer can efficiently read anything on paper. If I am reading on paper, instead of taking notes and looking up unknown information later, I immediately look it up on my ‘smart-phone’ (information at finger-tips anyone?) and then fall into this rabbit-hole of following link after link until my original reading material no longer remains relevant. To add to my vice, there are numerous websites and apps out there that try to concise information for you so you don’t have to read multiple pages. Adding what looks like helpful links only delinks my reading process. I’ll admit I still read such websites if their writing style appeals to me. I love witty posts above any other kind.

I am officially a skimmer (I better look that up on Urban dictionary to make sure it isn’t anything derogatory, but I’ll do that after I finish writing this piece).


P.S. If you are reading this, three cheers to you to have waited to click the article links after you read my entire post. If you are anything like me, you wouldn’t have come back!


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