Fall into comfort

Yes, Summer is exciting and the warm sun naturally puts you in a good mood, but tell me how can you not smile, when curling up with a nice mug of pumpkin spice latte (alright, alright! all you PSL haters can have your cup of regular coffee) or hot cocoa?

It’s that time of the year again, when Nature is getting ready to sleep for a long winter, but first she must put on a show. She tries to distract us from what she bringing on next, with the pretty colors, the nip in the air that makes us sleepy-the scent of apples, pumpkins and dying leaves adding to the headiness. Fall is such a beautiful, polar opposite to Spring when everything is waking up from a deep slumber of sorts. She reminds us to take it slow, to relax and unwind after long months of working (and vacationing) and to spend hours indoors without feeling guilty (after all, a lot of animals hibernate without being judged) or go for long walks with the only sound being that of leaves getting crunched under your feet.

Fall is less harsh on you than other seasons, chunky sweaters that hide your weight, boots to hide your dislike of pedicures, darker hues like burgundy,maroon and emerald hiding your less than perfect nails. It’s almost as if after all the exposure and constant pressure to look your best in Summer, Fall is saying ‘there is nothing wrong in being a little imperfect’. Because so is she. For all her beauty, she heralds Winter, that darned season which in some parts of the world is more cruel than in others. The frequent snow, which tries to enamor you with its cold beauty, but ends up antagonizing you with the first storm, the loss of extended sunlight, the slow depression that creeps up on the frail. No, Winter I can live without. Fall, maybe not. I have only lived through eight New England fall seasons so far, but I have loved every one of them. The smell of apple cider donuts, apple pies, pumpkin scones and butternut squash soup warms my heart and no thought of Winter creeps into my mind. And then once the Thanksgiving fervor has passed, my birthday frenzy has calmed down, the twinkling Christmas lights have been put away, and the New Year party sounds have died, do I start feeling the dread that winter brings with it. But at that point Fall has long passed. So no, Fall does not fill my heart with dread. She tells me that the most wonderful time of the year is about to begin and boy, is she right!



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